• Explore Your Faith

    Engaging sessions, passionate worship, and practical tools for spiritual formation will help you go deeper in your faith than ever before.

  • Expand Your Community

    Brethren Academy draws in students from all across the country. Form significant friendships with others on the same journey around the nation.

  • Experience College Life

    Get a taste of the college experience at Ashland University - live in the dorms, eat in the dining hall, learn from faculty, and spend time with AU student leaders.

Welcome to Brethren Academy

More and more, we meet faithful young Christians who feel lost. 

...Does anyone understand my questions?
...Is there actually a place for me in the Church?
...I want to make a difference, but where do I even start?

Brethren Academy is an invitation for high school students to grapple with big questions about faith, life, and calling. Come begin the conversation among peers and experienced ministry leaders for one week on Ashland University’s campus.

Explore the Call. Expand the Family.

Our Story

"After Brethren Academy I definitely have a new understanding and confidence in my faith that I didn't have before. I met so many amazing people and made lots of new amazing friends and grew closer to some old ones. I can't wait to go back next year!"

- Kendra Dean, Virginia


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