What is Brethren Academy?

Brethren Academy is a learning experience for students to explore the life and practice of Brethren values and how those values intersect with their life calling. They will be equipped to deepen their own spiritual formation and develop leadership skills to implement in their own communities. Throughout events hosted regionally, students will engage with area pastors, professors, ministry leaders, business professionals, and broaden their community with fellow Brethren students from across North America.

Brethren Academy was founded with the support of Lilly Endowment Inc. to help young students better understand how faith and theology shape their everyday lives. It is open to high school students looking to deepen their understanding of the Brethren and their own spiritual leadership.



Why should you attend Brethren Academy?


Brethren Academy gives you an opportunity to explore challenging questions of faith and learn more about yourself and the world around you. Our sessions, activities, and spiritual formation options will stimulate your spiritual life and give you the resources to abide closely with Christ through the highs and lows of your journey.


Develop a deeper commitment to spiritual formation and learn from leaders who have gone before you in the journey that is Christianity.  Learn from Brethren leaders, pastors, and even students in order to be more equipped to go back to your own community and spread the Good News in your own context.


Throughout your time at Brethren Academy, you will form friendships with teens and adult leaders from all over North America with shared experiences and questions. Brethren Academy gives you the opportunity to form meaningful connections with others who are on the same journey as you so that you can encourage each other along the way.


Learn more about the people that keep us moving forward with their leadership.

What makes us Different?

Why not a Conference or Camp?


Each area the Brethren offers students to participate in has a unique purpose. A conference is a time to come together with other students from all over to be inspired, worship, and connect with each other and their youth groups. Camps, likewise, have the unique small group connection time through experiencing the outdoors.

Academy is different in that it is positioned for student leadership development. It is a way that teenagers who may feel a call to ministry can explore more of their roots in Brethren Heritage and what it means to live out of their faith within their own communities. The purpose is to help cultivate life calling that is seeped in Brethren values, wherever they may end up. It also is a time to connect with other student leaders from their own regions they may not be aware of.