Returning Students

Brethren Academy will have a different focus every year, so previous students may return year-to-year before graduating high school. We’d love to see you again, and bring your friends!

BA Ambassadors

Did you love your week at Brethren Academy? Would you be interested in sharing about your experience with your friends and family? We would love your help in recruiting other high schools students from your schools, youth groups, and other connections. Please email the Program Coordinator for information about resources that can be shared with others.

Schedule a Visit

AU Office of Christian Ministry welcomes visits from our Brethren Academy Alumni! Let us know if you will be in the area so we can make sure to welcome you back to campus. Contact the Ashland University admissions office via the link below and schedule an official visit. Then make sure to contact Cory Smith, our Brethren Academy program coordinator, and let us know you'll be in town!

Schedule an AU Visit

Applying to Ashland University

If you enjoyed Brethren Academy, you should consider making Ashland University your home. Campus ministry at AU offers a similar mission and vision to Brethren Academy and it is a great next step for your journey. The Office of Christian Ministry hosts many different ministries including the Well, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Newman Catholic Ministries, Young Life, and Ashland XD outdoor ministries. Brethren Connection serves a special function within OCM, connecting AU students with ministry leadership development opportunities and connections with local Brethren churches. Students attending Ashland University have a unique opportunity to nurture their faith on a campus that does not mandate Christian observance but affirms Christian values at an institutional level and boasts a vibrant and robust student-led faith community. 

Apply to AU


If you would like more information on becoming a Brethren Academy ambassador, on visiting AU, or on application help please contact Jamie to help you along your journey!

Jamie White
Program Director
Office of Christian Ministry
(w) 419.289.5481