Apply to be a Mentor

Become a Brethren Academy Mentor

Brethren Academy mentors are paid college leaders who help both guide and learn alongside students for the week. A main goal of BA is to help young men and women as emerging Brethren leaders, and so the adviser program is as much for the development of the undergraduate students as it is for their service to high school students.

Responsibilities within Brethren Academy

  • Facilitate small group discussion
  • Lead spiritual formation options
  • Help with games, mentorships, and testimonies according to your gifts.
  • Model faithful and joyful Christian life.
  • Supervise as advisors in the residence halls.

Who Can Apply?

  • Ashland University Undergraduate Students (exceptions include Brethren ministry leaders with a heart for student development)
  • Students across all majors who wish to bring their faith into their prospective career
  • Undergrads who are able to commit 1 week of a summer to help form high school students theologically and spiritually, along with additional day per month for check-ins


Application: Interested applicants will complete the following application online followed by an interview.

Small Group Leader Training: During the spring semester there will be a mandatory workshop training for small group leaders to prepare you for summer responsibilities.

Brethren Academy: Mentors will arrive on campus 1 day early for team building and training. Mentors must be on campus for the full week of Brethren Academy and be present to their high school participants for the whole time.

Continued Mentorship: Mentors must commit to a monthly check-in with their small group (via skype, google hangs, facebook, etc) for the remainder of the year.


If you would like to apply for a position as a Brethren Academy Mentor, please fill out this APPLICATION.