Brethren Academy is a one-week leadership development experience for high school students exploring God’s will for their vocation and calling. The week will include sessions on Brethren values and Christian leadership as well as time for spiritual formation, service learning, and recreation. Come begin the conversation among peers and experienced ministry leaders for one week on Ashland University’s campus.

Grow Deeper in Faith

Brethren Academy gives you an opportunity to explore challenging questions of faith and learn more about yourself and the world around you. Our sessions, activities, and spiritual formation options will stimulate your spiritual life and give you the resources to abide closely with Christ through the highs and lows of your journey.

Form Lasting Friendships

Throughout the week you will form friendships with teens from all over the country with shared experiences and questions. Brethren Academy gives you the opportunity to form meaningful connections with others who are on the same journey as you so that you can encourage each other along the way.

Experience College Life

Brethren Academy is located on the campus of Ashland University. You will spend a week on campus living in a residence hall, eating in convo (the AU dining hall), worshipping and learning the AU chapel, and learning from experienced faculty and ministry leaders within the denomination.

Brethren Academy 2018 // July 8-16



If you have any questions or just want more information for yourself or your students, please contact:

Jamie White
Program Director, Brethren Academy